The office is a place where you spend about the same amount of time in as your bed. So trying to make the office as comfortable and pleasant as possible is very important. But some people have different ideas. Here are some of the world's most strange and interesting offices. Would you want to work in any of these?

1. Bahnhof

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Bahnhof is a Swedish internet service provider and host and they have one of the strangest, but coolest offices in the world. It is located in a cold war bunker, 30 meters below the ground. The office space is built right into the natural granite. So if you live in Sweden you shouldn't have any problems getting internet if there is a nuclear war! 

2. Inventionland

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Inventionland is an idea incubator and invents around 2000 items per year. The office is split up into 15 different sets, including a pirate theme, a racing track and a castle! All of these different sets help to aid creativity according to the inventionland founder.

3. Distilled Spirits Council

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The Distilled Spirits Council office has the most bottles of spirits per square foot than any other office in the whole of America! Every wall has cabinets jam packed with all different kinds of spirits. The CEO, Frank Coleman, is said to allow anyone to bust out any bottle they fancy the look of and have a taste right in the middle of the office! 

4. Group8

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Group8, an Apple computer support and maintenance company have combined beautiful, minimalist modern design, with recycled shipping containers. You would think that this is not a combination that would work well together. But in a strange way it sort of does! The containers help to break up the quite blank workspace giving the office a unique look and feel. 

5. The Metrik System

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The Metrik System is a creative marketing agency that have a very different way of getting around the office. Instead of walking like any normal person would do. They use bright blue golf carts!

6. Google

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We couldn't finish this list without mentioning Google. They are renowned for their weird and wonderful offices. With some using slides instead of stairs, jungle themed rooms and half pipe breakout rooms. Google is definitely the king of weird and wacky workplaces.