Having a handful of fun whiteboard games in your back pocket is a great asset to any teacher. Here are 5 fun whiteboard games that your students will love!

5 Fun Whiteboard Games That Your Students Will Love

Having a handful of fun whiteboard games in your back pocket is a great asset to any teacher. Whether you are an early childhood educator or a primary school teacher, there will be times when you will want to fill time with an exciting game.

Below are a few of our favourite whiteboard games:


Hangman is a classic game that we have all played before. It may seem like a simple game, however, it helps build students’ retention skills. You can use key terminology that is relevant to what your students are learning at the moment.

How to play: Choose a word and draw a blank line for each letter of the word on your whiteboard. Ask your students to start guessing letters and fill in the blanks with letters if your students guess correctly. Draw part of the hangman when players guess wrong. Players win when they guess the word correctly before the hangman is completed!

Words into Drawings

You can make learning key terms fun by creating pictures out of words.

How to play: Write a keyword on your whiteboard and have your students come up throughout the day and turn the word into a picture of the word. Make sure you use a noun!

Spelling Dash

Turn learning into a fun group activity with Spelling Dash. This game builds collaboration and has the excitement of friendly competition.

How to play: Split your classroom into two groups and have each group line up at the whiteboard, assign a spelling word to the class and have each student write down one letter of the word and pass the marker to the next person in line. The first team that gets the spelling word correctly, wins!

Hot Seat

Build teamwork and encourage good communication by playing hot seat. Again, you can use relevant key terms when playing to test your students’ understanding.

How to play: Split your class into two teams and ask them to choose a representative. The two representatives will sit in front of the whiteboard with their backs to it. Write a word on the whiteboard and have the students describe the word to their representative. The first team whose representative guesses correctly, wins!

Last Letter First

Last Letter First is a great way to explore a topic for the first time.

How to play: Assign a topic to your class and have the first student come up and write a word from that category. The next student in line has to come up and write a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word.

Final Thoughts

Whiteboards are a great tool for playing fun games and getting kids excited about learning. A whiteboard helps with students’ confidence as they have to go to the front of the classroom in front of their peers. Head over to whiteboard.com to learn more about how to use a whiteboard in your classroom!