Notice boards, when properly used can engage your employees. They are a great way to create a sense of community in your office as you can encourage your staff to create and add to the notice board. There are many ways to use a notice board in the office and can be both fun and informative. The first step in creating an office notice board is to select and purchase the right bulletin board. Next, select a location that is easily accessible and that your employees frequent such as a break room or close an entrance. Finally, you can decide on a theme for your bulletin board. Below are a few ideas:

HR Notice Board

A human resources bulletin board is a classic way to use a notice board. It is a place where the HR department can post important information that they need to share with the employees. This can include information like new regulations and company policies.

The HR notice board is a great way to keep your team informed on important information.

Employee Recognition Notice Board

An employee recognition board is a great way to recognize the hard work of your employees and team members. It is also a great motivational tool. Every month, select one team member to feature on the notice board. Post their photo with a description of why they are being featured this month. Leave sticky notes around the notice board and encourage other team members to congratulate the featured employee.

The employee recognition board is a great way to show your team that you are paying attention to their performance and that you appreciate them as members of the team. Additionally, it creates a platform for team members to see other people’s accomplishments and congratulate the featured employee.

Motivational Wall Notice Board

A motivational wall can be a great way to use your notice board. The motivation wall is a place where you can post motivational sayings or quotes that speak to your company’s values and culture. The motivational wall is a great way for your team to visually see your company’s value and culture. A great idea is to get your employees involved in posting their motivational sayings or quotes.

Idea Wall Notice Board

An idea wall notice board is a place where employees can share their ideas about anything related to the company such as office party ideas or initiatives they believe are important. It is important to encourage your employees to use it to share their ideas.

The idea wall is a great way to keep open communication and a great way to get fresh ideas flowing from the entire team.

About the Team Notice Board

An about the team notice board is a place where each employee is able to post a short personal bio on themselves. It is important to note that this bio is different from their professional bio.

The about the team notice board is a great way to connect your team. It allows employees to learn about their peers on a more personal level.

The Prompt of the Week Notice Board

The prompt of the week board is a place where each week a new question can be posted for employees to respond to. Examples of prompts are “How many pets do you have” or “When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?”.

The prompt notice board is a great way to get to know other colleagues better and spark conversations.

The Pet Appreciation Notice Board

The pet appreciation notice board asks team members to post photos of their pets at home. Each photo should include the name of the employee, the name of the pet and the department.

Pets are huge parts of people’s lives, and sharing a photo is a great way for them to be able to incorporate them into their life at work.

Final Thoughts

Office culture greatly impacts your business. The more employees feel supported, comfortable, and engaged, the greater productivity and morale become. Notice boards are a simple way to add to your workplace culture.

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