Notice Boards can change the way we communicate and create a greater sense of community in the workplace, in stores, or at home. These boards are an extremely effective method when trying to interact with masses of people as they allow you to promote information, messages, or your business, to every single person who travels by.

Create an Interest in Important Information

How we choose to communicate can have dramatic effects on work performances. Deadlines can be forgotten within the office, which can result in rushed projects, missed deadlines or poor client experiences. With color-coded notice boards, you can promote activity within the office, prompt tasks and allow employees to see important deadlines all day, everyday.  Using color coded paper, pens, and pencils your business can accurately represent the importance of each message that is posted. You can use the colored notes to represent meetings, deadlines, and last-minute project changes. This is a valuable method of creating awareness in the office as it allows employees to see the issues that need to be dealt with immediately, whereas an email about the same matter may go unnoticed until a later time which could be problematic for the business. 

Inspire your Employees

Keeping employees inspired is the best way to ensure successful business results each and every day. Using your noticeboard to post positive sayings or images for all workers to see could drastically boost morale within an office. It is very common for office life to become stagnant and boring, so keeping employees focused and energized can help avoid that and keep you on the right track. Using your noticeboard to post photos is a great way to display past events and activities your company has taken part in. The postings serve as a positive keepsake for all the employees as they can see what great memories they have made at work with their colleagues. Noticeboards can also be used to showcase employee achievements, positive reports or to show company progress. Posting these things rewards the employees making them feel confident that they are doing a strong job, and it will inspire them to continue to strive for greatness and achieve their personal and business goals.


Interaction and Community within the Office

A notice board allows employees to share social activities, events, conferences, and meetings with their colleague’s , which promotes interaction among the workers creating a greater sense of community in the workplace. Although these events may be emailed around the office, displaying them on a notice board can increase the chances of employees being aware of these events over a longer period, as emails can be forgotten about and lost in backlogs of emails. Examples of events that can be posted on office boards include:

•  Training courses

•  Work celebrations and parties

•  Promotion opportunities

•  Meetings  


All great companies grow because of feedback, good or bad. Noticeboards give employees the chance to discuss any thoughts or issues they’ve had with recent projects in addition to reading the thoughts of other employees. They can discuss the skills they’ve developed, and the ones they may need to work on. Client feedback can be posted on an office noticeboard for employees to reflect upon their work and grow. Why Buy a Notice Board You can communicate anything you want; you just need to right notice board to do it. Take a look at our huge range of noticeboards. Click HERE to view the range.