Working from home put a whole new perspective on the typical work model. Most companies saw no drop off in production, and many in fact saw increased production with employees working from their homes. So now, moving forward, allowing employees the flexibility to create a hybrid working model for themselves is going to be a major change for companies all over the world.  

There are arguments to be made for both sides. Going into the office provides face to face communication which cannot be duplicated via technology to the same extent. Being able to collaborate in person has always been an effective method to completing a task. But, on the flipside of that coin, with such great advances in technology we are able to work remotely, and connect with colleagues and customers with such ease. This model of working is so attractive to people because they aren’t wasting precious hours sitting in gridlock, or jammed onto public transportation.  

As time goes on more and more people will elect for a hybrid model of working which requires having the right set up in their home office to be productive and efficient. In order to do that, workers will need a board that does the job, whatever that job may be. Let’s find out which one is right for the stay at home worker. 

Magnetic Wall Planner

Instead of buying a new paperback planner every year, why not make the smart investment in a dry-wipe glass planner. Having a glass planner on your office wall, eliminates the need to flip through pages of your paper planner. The information you need is right in front of you

Planner Board

If you are someone that schedules a lot of calls and meetings for the upcoming work weeks, the monthly glass planner is exactly what you need. With a vibrantly colored monthly planner, your weeks are visibly segmented keeping you organized, and on schedule. Most of our planners have an additional notes section that can be used for personal appointments, or chores you need to take care of. 

We offer so many styles of planners you can pick any size, color, or design you think is right for you. Take a look at our amazing range and don’t forget to pick a magnet set to go along with it! 

Workstation Boards 

A workstation board is a fantastic way to organize your personal and business notes. If you like to scribble a lot of little notes or attach things like receipts are payslips, the workstation board is perfect for you. They also serve as a great back up option to your main white board or glass board in your office. 

These boards can be half glossy whiteboard, for note taking and writing, and half cork board to tack notes and messages to. Or if you want to keep it simple you can use a workstation board that is all writing surface, that is also magnetized to keep notes up.  

Workboard station come in lots of interesting styles and designs, so please browse all of our options and choose the one that will keep you organized and on top of things. 

Multi Purpose Boards 

If you have lots of space in your home office, multi purpose boards can be extremely helpful. You can pair a whiteboard with a cork board, whiteboard with a felt board, or any other combination you want. These boards give you the luxury of using your board in more than one way.  

Whether it's writing notes on your whiteboard, or clipping family photos up, the multi purpose board can be used in all sorts of ways and it’s up to you to be creative! 

Combo Board

Glass Boards and Whiteboards 

The obvious choice for a board in your home office is to select a glass board or whiteboard. Both are extremely effective at helping you do your job, and both can bolster the look of any home office. For more information on these two products, check out Glass Boards vs Whiteboards. 

Whiteboard.com has all the options you need to make your home office everything it needs to be and more. Check out our wide selection of products from the biggest brands in visual communication.