When looking to buy a display board online, you are going to encounter a handful of products that an untrained eye would see as the same product when in reality the differences are massive. So how do you know which one to pick!?

First off, you will need to answer the question “what problem am I trying to solve”. Is the board for your office? Your home? Is it going to hang on the wall? Will it be handheld? You need to know the application and what your parameters are for selecting a board.

Secondly, you need to educate yourself. Learning about the different product types, surfaces, and features is vital to figuring what board is going to be right for you.

This guide will help you understand exactly what to look for when buying your board to make sure you get the product that suits your needs.



The first thing to look at when shopping for a whiteboard is the surface. The main types of surfaces you will see are melamine dry wipe, magnetic and vitreous enamel steel.

The melamine option is most basic whiteboard surface. It offers a wipe-able smooth surface that works for most applications.

A magnetic surface is like the melamine surface, but as its name suggests it is magnetic allowing you to use magnets on the board to stick notices and memos turning your whiteboard into a bulletin board as well.

The vitreous enamel steel surface is the Rolls Royce of whiteboard surfaces. It offers everything the magnetic surface offers but, it is also ultra-hard wearing and usually comes with a 25-year guarantee.


After you’ve selected your surface type you will need to select your frame type. The quality of the frame impacts the durability and quality of the board drastically, which is why most people opt for an aluminum frame. It is the most common frame type because it is very strong, durable, and it looks amazing. 

Cheap imitations are something you must be aware of. Cheaper whiteboards can come with a plastic “aluminium finish” frame that looks exactly like a real aluminum frame. These frames are cheaply made and will not give you the quality and feel that a real aluminium frame will give you.

Wooden frames are another option that gives you more of a rustic look to suit the décor in your room or office.


Lastly, choosing the right fixings is a very important part of selecting a whiteboard. Corner fixings are usually the safest and most secure way to fix a whiteboard to a wall. There are other ways to safely secure a board to the wall such as rail systems, but you should try to avoid anything that hangs the board like a picture frame. It is crucial that the whiteboard is secured onto the wall as safely as possible so pick the option that you feel is going to be the safest for you.

Bulletin Boards


Bulletin board fixings are like those needed for whiteboards. The most secure option is the corner fixings but depending on the space the board is going up; you may need to use another option like a rail system.


Again, very similar to whiteboards, Aluminum frames are the strongest, most durable, and most popular option. Be wary of the imitation aluminum frames as they will not hold up as well as the aluminum frame would.

Wood frames are another extremely durable option for bulletinboards. They are long lasting and provide that rustic feel.

Glass boards

Glass thickness

When buying a glass board, it is important to look at the thickness of the glass. The thickness usually ranges from 1/8” – 5/16”. A general rule is the thicker the glass, the higher the quality of the product, with the exception being a magnetic glass board. Magnetic glass boards have a steel sheet is adhered to the back of the board so the glass needs to be thinner so the magnetic force can be strong.


The high-end glass boards will nearly always be tempered as it makes the board more durable and less likely to get scratched or cracked. The non-tempered glass boards are still very strong, but the likelihood of them being damaged increases slightly if you are not using them carefully.


There are two main types of fixings for glass boards, hidden and un-hidden. Both hold the board to the wall equally as secure, so it comes down to a personal preference. The hidden fixings are more aesthetically pleasing but it ultimately comes down to what you feel is best for you.



So, there you have it. The ultimate guide to buying display boards! Check out our wide range of Whiteboards, Bulletin Boards, and Glass Boards!